Dani Watson is a hard-edged, fiercely independent control operator for the Indianapolis Police Department. After breaking up with a detective on the force she’s sworn off dating cops. That is, until she is assaulted and the responding officer is one of the sexiest men she had ever laid eyes on.Jacen Fuessler is unprepared for the chaos that is Dani Watson. Instantly attracted, he’s dazzled by her great rack, her lethal right hook, and her quirky sense of humor.Through their jobs they share a life that is like two sides of the same coin. As far as Dani is concerned, that’s already too close a connection. But work and circumstance keep throwing them together and Dani is having a hard time keeping her distance from the super hot Jacen. As she begins to fall for him, things are complicated by a terrifying stalker and Dani finds out quickly that her heart and sanity aren’t the only things in imminent danger.REVIEWS:Lori Whitwam ~ GOODREADSDani is a strong, independent, passionate heroine, and Jacen a worthy hero. The author’s inside knowledge of police procedure is solid, though some of the lingo and atmosphere is a little heavy in the beginning. Dani might over-think the relationship aspect of things with Jacen… but she doesn’t over-think the physical chemistry, which is refreshing. I get tired of heroines who want to know everything under the sun about every potential outcome in a relationship before they admit the attraction. Overall, a very strong story from a promising new author.AUTHOR BIO:

Alexis has been a writer from early childhood, discovering her calling when she wrote the Thanksgiving play for her kindergarten class in Tucson, Arizona. After moving to Indianapolis with her family in 1988, she wrote a column for her high school newspaper and two novel-length stories before graduating at age sixteen from Park Tudor School. After attending Sarah Lawrence College outside New York City, she returned home to Indiana to be closer to her family.

Alexis works for a local sheriff’s department in the communications division. She spends her free time reading and writing romance novels and investigating haunted houses.

She lives with her husband and two very excitable beagles.




Jacen looked at Dani for verification, but she was already up and moving again to put more money in the jukebox. He hadn’t noticed before but she was missing something. “Where’s your cane?”A hot salsa beat filled the air and she danced back over to his chair. “At home in a closet. Exactly where it should be,” she replied as she pulled him to his feet.“Where’re we going?”
She looked around them, her hips and feet already moving to the rhythm. “Right here seems good.”Vince about fell out of his chair laughing. “You want him. To dance. Have you lost your mind?”“It’s the sugar talking, obviously,” Jacen laughed nervously, but Dani took no heed, sidling up next to him. He was mesmerized by the way she was moving against him. Hips that moved like that could found a new religion. He was a convert. His hands found their way to her hips and when she turned around and ground her ass up against him, he was a goner.The smell was what got to him, her perfume, sweat, and the slight undertone of sugar. Dani had her hand on his neck, lightly dragging her nails across the sensitive skin at the nape, and giving him a view down the front of her shirt so scandalizing, that he could tell that her bra was red with black lace edging. He was saved from drooling down the delectable arch of her neck when the song ended and she stepped away to take a drink from a glass on the table.“I’m hot, y’all. I’m gonna step out for a minute and get some air.” She looked in the direction of Grace and Vince, who had their heads together in some sort of deep and meaningful conversation and headed for the door.Jacen slumped into the closest chair, and simply stared after her, stunned at her ever-shifting moods and the riot she caused with his libido.
Vince leaned away from Grace with his arm draped casually across the back of her chair as he looked at him appraisingly. “Well, I will give you this: it looked vaguely like you were dancing, but more that she was pole dancing and you were the pole.”Jacen waved his comment off and blew out a deep breath. He had no idea what to make of Dani at all and trying to figure it out was leaving him too exhausted to cope with the next onslaught. Normally, if a woman was this much work, he was out the door, no explanation needed. Right now, he knew that he couldn’t leave if he wanted to; he had to know where the story ended. “I don’t like her out there in the parking lot by herself.”Vince frowned. “You know as well as I do that she’s a big girl and can more than take care of herself.”

“Besides, there are at least five police cars out there right now,” Grace added, looking around the room to tally up the total.

Jacen conceded the point and rubbed the back of his neck. “I know that, but still, we all know this neighborhood and what can be and often is lurking out in the parking lot. Even with the police cars out there. I’m gonna go check on her.”

Vince shrugged and Jacen was halfway to the door. “Suit yourself.”
“I think I will.”

The wall of smoke free air that accosted him as soon as he opened the door was a little startling, but what got his pulse racing was the fact that Dani was nowhere to be seen. He was halfway out in the parking lot when he heard a voice behind him.
“I’m over here.”

Jacen turned around, faced the dark façade of the building, and still didn’t see anything. “Where’s ‘here’?”

Dani stepped out from a niche between the FOP and the Vo-Tech school next door underneath the fire escape from the second floor. Even in the pale light of the lamp above the door, she was a barely visible silhouette. “Over here.”

She disappeared again as he walked over and he reached out a hand to make sure he didn’t run into her. His hand met her arm and he pulled her up against him. In the darkened alcove, it was like they were completely isolated from the world and not outside in public. His mouth crushed down on hers as he backed her into the wall. Her free hand slid up his chest, to his neck and then on to play in the velvety soft peach fuzz on the back of his head.

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