So You Want To Be A Bestselling Author? Part 12: The Blog Tour or Blog Hop

bannerStarting today (Oct. 1) and running until Oct. 14, some of our Lachesis Publishing authors are going to be highlighted on various blogs throughout the blog-o-sphere.


We worked with Sparkle Book Tours on this tour.

I’m loving all the graphics they’ve created for the tour, which I will be passing on to each author for their own use. Talk about some great takeaway! 🙂

Here are a few samples of what they created for every book that’s featured on the tour:

hardcoverstack_621x739 (1)thickpaperbacklaying_786x692kindlefire_600x1024 (1)

There are a lot of blog tour companies out there – and you may try a few different ones just to see how they work out. But here are some points to consider when working with a blog tour company:

1. Find out the kinds of blogs they work with and the kind of audience the blogs have. It doesn’t have to be a huge audience but certainly the “right” audience for you. For example if you’ve written an historical romance you want to be featured on blogs that primarily write about historicals and have a loyal fan base of historical lovers.

2. Are they going to “package” your post? Whether it’s a promo for your book or spotlight of you or an article you’ve written – how will the tour company “present” your post on the blog tour? Will they include graphics? Will they format it in a particular way?

3. Who does the uploading – do you send the tour company your post or do you send it to the blog directly?

4. Cost! Ask about their different packages and the costs involved.

5. Social Media: Does the blog tour company have a facebook and twitter account with substantial followers? Will they be promoting your blog on their own social media pages?

6. Time: How long is the tour going to last and how close together are the bookings? Hopefully the tour company is open to arranging the tour to work with your schedule. I think a good tour should be done over a period of days or weeks blocked together to build momentum and create more buzz.

7. Create a variety of different posts for the tour. You don’t want the exact same post for each blog. Perhaps four or five different posts that you can spread out.

8. Don’t be afraid to check out the blogs ahead of time. You want to make sure that those blogs are appropriate for your tour and what you are promoting.

9. Word of mouth! Ask your author friends what tour companies they’ve used and what they thought of them.

10. Giveaways! Don’t forget to give something away for each post. Usually a free book. But if you want to get creative go for it!

Blog tours can be very useful and helpful in promoting your books. The idea is to get readers interested and excited in your books and hopefully generate some new fans!

Here two articles I found online that go through some of the blog tour companies and actually rate them! Here’s one in the Self-Publishing Review and one from The Book Designer.

Have fun!

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