Five Reasons Why We Love Historical Romance Heroes by JoMarie DeGioia (Regency historical romance author)

just perfectNo matter the time period, there is just something about a hero from the past. Here is my take on some of the traits these guys possess and why they make them so darned irresistible.

  1. Historical romance heroes are usually quite skilled in the physical arts. I’m not just talking about horseback riding and fencing, either! A bit of experience under a hero’s waistcoat makes him the ideal lover and husband for the heroine. And sometimes we get a glimpse of his very delicious instructions to his previously-innocent lady love.
  1. Very often these heroes are rakes. Dashing and handsome gentlemen who, without effort, make women from a young coquette to an elderly matron fall under their spell. What woman doesn’t want the bad boy to flirt with? Now this is a romance hero, so we know he’s going to be reformed by the time he wins the heroine’s heart forever. And that’s even better!
  1. The social niceties play a big part in the courtship dance in historical romance. Gallantry is hot! Even if the hero is from “the other side of the blanket” he knows how he should behave in order to win the heroine’s heart. He could be a rough-and-tumble plantation owner or a disinherited younger son, but he will know the right way to treat a lady in and out of the boudoir.
  1. He breaks the rules. Rules are made to be broken, and no one breaks society’s confines like an historical romance hero! Holding the heroine just a little too close. Maybe for just a little too long. Meeting her on a secluded terrace when the mere hint of scandal could lead to ruin. Oh! These guys can convince their heroine to risk just about anything for them.
  1. He dresses the part. Lastly, there are the clothes. So many clothes! Tight breeches topped by a waistcoat, jacket, shirt and intricately-tied cravat? And what about a kilt? Unwrapping the hero can feel like Christmas arrived early, lol! Not to mention, how these guys love divesting their heroines of their petticoats and stays and stockings and layer upon layer of frothy lace. Ooh-la-la! It’s just pure deliciousness.

In writing this post I realize there are plenty more reasons why we just love these guys. Now, how about you? What makes you melt for the Historical Romance hero?

JoMarie DeGioia writes historical romances with a touch of mystery for Lachesis Publishing. And her books are always on the steamy side. Her Dashing Nobles series follows the love lives of four male friends in Regency London.

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