Fun Friday Question of the Week: Win a Free Book!

Waynes-WorldWeek 9 in our Lachesis Publishing QUESTION OF THE WEEK! WIN A FREE BOOK! This week’s question is: You’re at a red light and your favourite song comes on the radio or mp3/ipod. Do you crank it up and sing along WAYNE’S WORLD style, not caring who sees you? Or do you leave the volume alone and listen along without the theatrics?

You have until midnight tonight (EST) to leave a comment HERE or on our BLOG to get your name put in a draw to win a free e-book! The winner will get to choose one e-book from our Lachesis Publishing site (winner’s choice!) and we will send it to him or her. On Saturday morning, I’ll post the winner’s name on our Lachesis Publishing blog and on my facebook page. I will also contact him/her on facebook as well. Good luck and happy reading!

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One response to “Fun Friday Question of the Week: Win a Free Book!

  1. When that happens I normally open the windows and crank up the volume. Whether I sing along or not is based on whether my allergies are active or not.


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