From librarian to exorcist. What’s a gal to do if she starts seeing ghosts and demons?

The Awakening Book 1 The Bloodmane Chronicles by Sara BrookeToday’s Sneak Peek is from the paranormal (with romantic elements) The Awakening: Book 1 The Bloodmane Chronicles by Lachesis Publishing author Sara Brooke. The Awakening is a compelling and riveting book about a librarian who discovers she has the ability to perform exorcisms on people who are possessed by demons.


Everything she knows . . .

Renda Bloodmane is a quiet librarian, who lives a quiet life, in a small quiet town in Florida. Her days consist of going to work (which she loves) and watching old Hollywood movies with her dog Jane (which she also loves). Her life is just fine, if a tad on the dull side. So, when her best friend from college, Bobbie Trillo, invites her to visit her family in Georgia, Renda decides a vacation is in order. Bobbie has moved back in with her mother and brother after her parents’ divorce. Things aren’t going well for her mother, and Bobbie needs Renda’s friendship and support.

Everything she believes . . .

Renda soon discovers that there is a lot more going on in the Trillo household than meets the eye. The moment she sets foot in the Trillo home, Renda starts seeing ghosts everywhere she turns. But one very unique ghost stands out from the rest. A sinfully attractive man named Cole, who died more than one hundred years ago, begins to haunt Renda’s every thought. He warns her there is evil in the house and it’s attacking Bobbie’s mother. Only Renda can stop the demon from taking over and destroying the entire family.

Will never be the same . . .

Renda can’t believe she’s seeing dead people. She can’t believe she’s attracted to a dead man. And most of all, she can’t believe that she’s the chosen one who has to fight a centuries-old powerful demon. But there is more to Renda Bloodmane than even she realizes. Her quiet, ordered life is about to change and there’s nothing she can do to stop it.


I didn’t actually see anything strange at first, but the temperature around me felt like it had suddenly dropped several degrees. Goose bumps popped up on my arms as the cooler air surrounded me in a chilly embrace. Taking a deep breath, I briskly rubbed my skin to warm up and continued pushing the cart.

When I turned down the aisle, I was surprised to see a man standing with his back to me. He was looking down, and appeared to be reading something intently. At first, I didn’t notice anything strange about him, but as I moved a bit closer, I saw a big red stain on the back of his shirt.

It was blood.

My heart started beating quickly and a list of things to do raced through my mind. I wasn’t sure exactly how long it would take for the paramedics to arrive, but clearly the man didn’t realize that something was wrong with him as he was simply standing in place, reading a book.

Dropping the novel I was holding into the cart, I started to approach him. “Sir, I think there’s something wrong with your . . .” But I never finished my sentence, because as soon as I started speaking, the man turned around to face me.

He was in his mid-thirties and looked calm, almost disinterested. But that was probably because I couldn’t see most of his face. It had been blown away by something brutal . . . maybe a gunshot blast.

It was unbelievable, but I was looking into the face of a person who couldn’t possibly be alive. Blood dripped down from a gaping hole in his forehead and covered most of his face in a red sheen. Part of his mouth was missing, and a smiling, skeletal profile gleamed at me under the library’s fluorescent lights.

My mind told me to run. Flee. But then another part of my brain suddenly came alive, filling me with a sense of calm. It was a feeling that I’d never felt before. And in that deep, strange calmness, I heard a gentle, masculine voice speak to me.

I wanted to read for a while.

As soon as the voice entered my brain, it left just as quickly and for some bizarre reason, I didn’t want it to go away. Because somehow, I knew that if the voice disappeared―so would this strange, dead corpse . . .


You can get The Awakening at Lachesis Publishing, as well as, barnes and noble, kobo, and iTunes.

Sara Brooke is an Amazon bestselling author of horror, paranormal romance, and suspense fiction.

A lifelong avid reader of all things scary, Sara’s childhood dream was to write books that make readers sleep with their lights on. She hopes that isn’t too troubling for the thousands of readers worldwide who have purchased her books.

Sara resides in beautiful South Florida. 

You can Like Sara’s facebook page  – called, The Bloodmane Chronicles . Connect with Sara on facebook and on her website. Sara welcomes feedback and questions from readers.

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