It’s a killer of a mystery! Check out J.M. Griffin’s new release! by Joanna D’Angelo

Death Gone AwryDeath Gone Awry, Book 6 of the Vinnie Esposito Series is here! J.M. Griffin’s killer of  a cozy mystery series is on a roll.

Get Death Gone Awry from Lachesis Publishing, or on amazon, BN Nookkobo, or iBooks.

I have so much fun editing this series. I adore Vinnie Esposito. I root for her. I laugh at her antics. She gets into trouble. A lot. But she is always doing the right thing. I am always on her side. And that’s important when it comes to the relationship between the reader and the heroine/hero. We have to connect with the heroine in order to follow along on her journey. No matter what the journey is. Otherwise we won’t be able to get through the book. We have to like the heroine too. We have to be able to understand her, and her motives. And a great writer, like J.M. Griffin, enables us to do that.

I hope you enjoy reading Death Gone Awry as much as I did.

Here’s what it’s about:

Vinnie Esposito Series (Book 6)

This is what Vinnie Esposito knows: When you see a guy floating in the water, you jump in and save him. You don’t stop to ask if he’s connected to the mob. Unfortunately for Vinnie, he is. And now she’s in trouble. Again.

Her boyfriend, hunky State Trooper Marcus Richmond, is fed up with Vinnie’s misadventures, not to mention that every mobster in town seems to know who she is. At least Vinnie knows she can rely on her best friend Lola Trapezi to whip up some delicious dinner at her deli. She also knows Lola is always ready to help, even if it means getting into some hot water herself.

Everything Vinnie knows and doesn’t know—including how she really feels about her sexy friend and upstairs tenant FBI Agent Aaron Grant, and whether her dad really is connected to the mob—is all up in the air. And what Vinnie doesn’t know, might just get her killed.

Get Death Gone Awry from Lachesis Publishing, or on amazon, BN Nookkobo, or iBooks.

Cheers! and Happy Reading.

J.M. Griffin. is the author of two cozy mystery series for Lachesis Publishing. The popular (and sexy) Vinnie Esposito series and the fun (and yummy) Deadly Bakery series.

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