What Makes A Great Hero? by Joanna D’Angelo

A favourite hero of many a reader - Mr. Darcy!

A favourite hero of many a reader – Mr. Darcy!

Recently, YA paranormal author Kim Baccellia listed her Top 5 Hottest Heroes. It got me thinking. Yes, physical attractiveness is something that we love in a hero. We tend to associate positive qualities with good looks. However villains can also be handsome and attractive. That can make them even more dastardly! But there are certain qualities that every good hero should have. They don’t have to have all of these qualities, but it always helps. Otherwise he wouldn’t be much of a hero would he? Here are some of my favourite qualities:

1. Courage: A good hero in a romance and any other genre should have courage. Not necessarily the “won’t back down in a fight kind of courage” – but the courage of his convictions to stand for what he believes.

2. Strength: I love a hero who is strong. Again, he doesn’t have to be physically strong – but certainly strong in his character and how he sees the world.

3. Humour: Not a must but definitely a quality I go for in a hero. I love a hero with a sense of humour – be it sarcastic, wicked, sweet, or silly. If he can laugh at himself or if he finds humour in the world around him then that’s a fella for me.

4. Love: In a romance I definitely want the hero to fall in love with the heroine. More importantly, I want him to demonstrate that love. In other genres – I like to see a capacity to love – kindness, heart, soul, integrity.

5. Vulnerability: You could debate this one, but I love it when I see a hero’s vulnerable side, especially when he shares it with the heroine. Sensitivity is an attractive quality after all.

6. Transformation: I think every hero should grow throughout the story. There should be some element of change or growth  – even transformation. Sometimes the best books feature a hero who was a villain in a previous book. Love. That. Everyone loves a good redemption story.

So what are some “heroic” qualities that you look for in a good hero?

Joanna D’Angelo is Editor in Chief at Lachesis Publishing. She loves chai tea and writing in coffee shops.

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3 responses to “What Makes A Great Hero? by Joanna D’Angelo

  1. Perfect list! I was writing a review today and trying to capture what made the hero so perfect! I think the transformation and vulnerability is what takes a character to the next level. When it’s well done it makes the book really special.


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