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Star Born by Ann O’Bannon (science fiction / romance)


RT Reviews Top Pick! “…an incredible story with staying power.”
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After surviving an out-of-body experience, Major Karen O’Reilly leaves her heart in the hands of a handsome alien on the other side of the cosmos. The Allied Nations of Earth send her on a mission into deep space and it happens again. Only this time, she learns how to tap into the power of the universe and develops an unearthly ability.

Commodore Caradoc Rimon’s fate was sealed when his father’s medallion materialized out of thin air, binding him to a star born sprite. Unable to resist her allure, he begins to questions his sanity -is she flesh and blood, or spirit born? Could Solomon’s legend be true?

Discover the true meaning of freedom, experience the magic of astral planing, and share in the destiny of these two star-crossed lovers who bring to fruition a spirited legacy born of the stars…

Q and A with Ann O’Bannon:
Ann O’Bannon is our guest author today. Yesterday, we posted a sneak peek of her science fiction romance, Star Dust. Ann has another science fiction romance with Lachesis, called Star Born. Her books forge ahead into the future of space travel and reflect on what could be, but always with a powerful love story at their core.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer and why?

I never really wanted to be a writer, it just happened. My daughter used to leave unfinished stories lying around the house. They were good, so I showed her how to plan an outline in the hopes that she would finish them. As parents, aren’t we supposed to lead by example? I started to write what I loved: Science fiction with a romantic element, and the characters came to life in my head and demanded I tell their story.

Describe your favorite place to write?

When I wrote the first three books, I wrote them at night, when my children were sleeping and there wasn’t a sound in the house. I think the setting set my muse free.

What would I find on your desk at this very moment?

As I write these answers, I have a ledger, a pile of bills & receipts that need to be posted, a bundle of mail, and a huge box of seeds that still need to be planted. Oh, it’s also 6:00 am, and I’m having coffee before getting started with my day.

What is your tea/coffee beverage of choice when you’re writing?

Hot chocolate, but sometimes a snifter of 20 year old Port.

What do you love to read?

Futuristic romances, especially when they are set in the stars.

What is some good advice you can give to an emerging writer?

Welcome helpful criticism, not just flattery. It’s tough, but don’t give up.

What do you do after you finish a book? Do you celebrate or take a nap?

Breathe a sigh of relief.

You have written science fiction romances for Lachesis. What attracts you to science fiction?

There are no boundaries with science fiction. The only limitations are what is true to science, otherwise you are free to create your own worlds, races, lifestyles and beliefs.

You’ve written two books in your richly woven Star Born the Shimuran Legacy series so far. Where did the idea for this series come from and how did you approach the research?

The first book, Star Dust, took place in our own galaxy therefore I had to do a lot of research into our solar system. In the second book, Star Born, we travel beyond what we know, so creativity took over.

What are you working on next?

The third book, Star Burst, is already written. I wrote all three books before I had a grasp on the art of storytelling. In the process of getting the first two books ready for publishing, I grew as an author, and the stories became more complex. Star Burst’s story line is intact, but the book itself needs to be re-written. All the editing did a number on my brain, and curbed my creativity. Writing became a chore, not a joy. I hope to capture that joy again so that the remainder of the saga can be told.

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Sneak Peek Monday: Stardust by Ann O’Bannon (science fiction romance)

STAR-DUST-COVERToday’s Sneak Peek is the compelling science fiction romance Stardust: First Contact by Ann O’Bannon.

What it’s About:

Earth’s first deep space mission seems doomed from the start when Captain David Alexander wakes up after seven years in cryogenic stasis with no hope of surviving the trip home. Then he spots a UFO in the vicinity of the Titan moon and believes he’s got a chance after all, until the alien shoots his ship and forces him to crash land.

After a devastating entry into the Milky Way, Shimuran Commander Zara Darien is only trying to keep David’s strange vessel at bay by firing a warning shot. But saving his life doesn’t win her any favours. Even so, Zara and David must overcome their mutual animosity, join forces and alter Earth’s future. In so doing, they unknowingly take the first step to fulfilling a thousand-year-old prophecy.

“O’Bannon delivers an incredible story with staying power. It’s exquisitely sensual, futuristic and reflective. If you have any interest in space exploration, change and growth for the better of mankind or the power of love, this book is a must-read.” — 4 ½ stars, RT Book Reviews


Arianna stepped through the glass of the stasis chamber and enveloped Captain David Alexander’s frozen body within her wings. The angel drew on her spirited powers, intervening before death’s cold hand claimed her charge. She pressed her ethereal lips against his mouth, filled his lungs with life, and strengthened his failing heart.

“Awake my child.”

He sucked in a sudden, deep breath then exhaled with a pain filled moan. His teeth started chattering, and his body shook uncontrollably. Pain singed his nerves as if the hounds of hell were nipping at his flesh.

Utter terror beset him, but a surge of adrenaline helped him break free of the oppressive, stifling nightmare.

“Shhh,” Arianna whispered. “Your destiny draws near.”

With a flap of her wings, she restored time to its rightful schedule.

Warm, gentle arms held him lovingly, and a soft feminine voice sang sweetly in David’s ear. He ceased struggling and relaxed against the soft downy pillow while her musical voice droned on.

Arianna placed her palm against David’s brow, infusing her ethereal energy with his life force to awaken long dormant characteristics that had been passed down from generation to generation, waiting for this exact moment in time to give birth to a legacy.

Did you like what you read? You can get Stardust: First Contact right here.

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