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“I love all of the Eugenias: the prim and proper lady, the brilliant mathematician, the joyous, delicious lover, the owner of a registry and future owner of the best patisserie in London.”


Kindle: http://amzn.to/1ZwDZ8M

iBook: http://apple.co/2cx2n96

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2cGPPzk

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2cx1Zrb

Nook: http://bit.ly/2cGQel6

Book 3 in the Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers series

All of Eugenia Snowe’s problems start when Edward Reeve, an arrogant bastard son of an earl, bursts into her registry office. He wants a governess and he wants her. She gives him the governess he demands, but she refuses to give herself.

No question that Eugenia enjoys crossing wits with the brilliant inventor, but she will never tarnish her reputation with an affaire, particularly with a man who doesn’t realize she’s a lady!

She holds her ground…until he kidnaps her.

Ward will stop at nothing to convince Eugenia that they’re meant to be together. He promises her heaven.

She gives him seven minutes.

Chapter 1 is now posted! Eloisa will be posting more excerpts leading up to the publication. Want to know when? Be sure to subscribe to this site’s Newsflash, which announces all new content!


“Bright, delightful read.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“woos readers with another irresistible liaison of lushly sensual romance and deliciously wicked wit…” ~Booklist

Stay connected with Eloisa online: www.EloisaJames.com https://www.facebook.com/eloisajames https://twitter.com/EloisaJames https://www.tumblr.com/blog/eloisajames https://www.pinterest.com/eloisajames/ https://www.goodreads.com/EloisaJames

ABOUT ELOISA: A reviewer from USA Today wrote that she “found herself devouring [Eloisa’s] book like a dieter with a Hershey bar”; People Magazine raved that “romance writing does not get much better than this.” Eloisa wrote her first novel after graduating from Harvard, but alas, it was rejected by every possible publisher. After she got a couple more degrees and a job as a Shakespeare professor, she tried again, with much greater success. Over twenty best-sellers later, she teaches Shakespeare in the English Department at Fordham University in New York City. She’s also the mother of two children and, in a particularly delicious irony for a romance writer, is married to a genuine Italian knight.

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She told him she had a fiancé but now she’s falling for real. UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE by DeAnn Smallwood #amreading #western #romance

UnconquerableCallie_850 (1)(8)TODAY’S REVOLVING BOOK is the historical romance UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE by DeANN SMALLWOOD.

Sometimes a lie can lead to love.

GET IT AT AMAZON! http://amzn.to/1MT8LlK

Callie Collins, a proud woman in the late 1800’s, is a liar and a darned good one, a master of the dubious art. She is also a dreamer. Her greatest hope is to reach a new life in South Pass City, Wyoming, where she can open a bakery and live an independent life. To be successful, she will need her greatest deception to date, a mythical fiancé who waits at the end of the line. As a woman alone, she has to prove to Seth McCallister, the wagon master, that she has the wherewithal and the stamina to survive months of drought, dust, hardships, and even the risk of death.

Seth McCallister is mystified by the audacity and determination of Callie Collins. His initial distrust and concern for Callie, a woman traveling alone, begins first as admiration, then friendship, then love, a love that he is forced to hold at bay. What he doesn’t realize is that there is no fiancé. To make matters worse, Callie develops feelings for Seth McCallister, too. Yet she feels certain that once he realizes her deception, he’ll turn away, ashamed of his love and trust in her.


Extremely well written. I found myself in the west, riding along on the wagon train with Callie struggling right along with her. Experiencing her every emotion, forging friendships,and falling in love I recommend this book to anyone with an adventurous spirit.

UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE is an enjoyable and entertaining love story. DeAnn Smallwood exhibits her talent for words with her tale of love, hardship, relationships, and determination. She does an excellent job of crafting a romance with the historical backdrop of a wagon train. Her depiction of the adventurous spirit of settlers, as well as the dangers and hardships they endured on their journey for a better life, was fascinating and excellent.

The heroine, Callie, a courageous woman determined to forge a life for herself, embarks on a treacherous excursion through Indian country, despite the obstacles or the dangers she must face. Along the way, her courage and giving nature wins the hearts of her fellow travelers, including the wagon master.

UNCONQUERABLE CALLIE is a sweet romance that will draw you in from the beginning to the end. It is resplendent with history, well-drawn characters, and vivid descriptions. The plot flows unfettered and solid with an engaging story line. This novel is for anyone who loves romance and history without sexual complications. A must read.

DeAnn Smallwood lives in Colorado with her husband, Marvin and two Yorkies, Eli and Stormy. She is a native of Colorado, but has lived in Montana and Wyoming. Historical romances are one of her favorite genres to write. Recently, she branched out into the suspense/thriller genre and wrote the first novel in her death series: Death Crosses The Finish line. This is written under her pen name of D. M. Woods. Her second book in this series: Death Is A Habit has just been completed. You can find her contemporary romance: Tears In The Wind, and two additional historical romances, Sapphire Blue and Montana Star at Amazon.com and SoulMate Publishing. Another historical romance: Wyoming Heather will be out in May. Her greatest pleasure next to writing is having her books read and enjoyed. Many more stories are just waiting to be written and shared.




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He needs a lawyer. She’s a good one. Trouble is it’s the old west. #amreading #historicalromance

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.01.12 AMCONTINUING OUR REVOLVING BOOK WEEK SPOTLIGHT on DeANN SMALLWOOD, TODAY we feature the western historical romance ONE SHINGLE TO HANG by DeANN SMALLWOOD.


A woman with too much knowledge was at risk for insanity. Their fragile mind couldn’t handle it. That’s what Lil had been told when she went against convention and became an attorney. The 1800’s had fewer women lawyers than women doctors. Her pride knew no bounds when she hung her shingle—L.M. Wentfield, Attorney At Law.

Drew was a struggling cattle rancher, building a fledging Hereford empire. He was working toward that goal when he was accused of rustling and faced possible hanging. He needed a lawyer—a good one—a man. Chesterfield had one lawyer—a new one—L.M. Wentfield. He wasn’t prepared for a beautiful blonde with a sharp tongue and fiercely won independence.

Lil had no homemaking abilities. Her love was the law. And if the thoughts of the gray-eyed cowboy, who had the audacity to refuse her legal help stayed in her mind, she’d push them aside. She had nothing to offer a rancher . Even her wealth wouldn’t be considered an asset to a prideful man. And Drew Jackson was proud. So proud, he knew he couldn’t ask a woman of Lil’s stature to share his life—but he wanted to—from the moment he’d stolen that first kiss.

I live in Colorado with my husband and my two Yorkie kid dogs: Stormy, four pounds, and Eli, six pounds. I’m a native of Colorado, but I’ve lived several years in Wyoming and Montana. I draw from these beautiful states for most of my books. My Western Historical Romances are: Montana Star, Sapphire Blue, Unconquerable Callie, One Shingle To Hang, and Wyoming Heather and One Shingle To Hang. Tears In The Wind is a contemporary romance. Then I changed genres from my beloved romances and wrote, under the pen name of D. M. Woods, my first suspense/thriller: Death Crosses The Finish Line. The second book in this ‘death’ series, Death Is A Habit, came out January 8, 2014. I am currently working on the third book in the ‘death’ series, Death Walks C Dock. I am also working on another Western Historical Romance, Montana Man. It features the characters readers came to know and love in Montana Star. Truly, I mean it when I say my greatest pleasure next to writing is having my books read and enjoyed. There are many more stories just waiting to be written


website link

Everyone knew Lil Wentfield would never marry. What man would want her? She was too old, too set in her ways, and too damned opinionated. Granted, she was a real beauty, if you could get past all the other flaws. Long blonde hair, equally long legs, sparkling blue eyes, flawless skin, with just a hint of a European ancestor in the coloring. And lips, well to call them kissable would be doing them an injustice.

But spinster she was, with her hair coiled into a tight knot at the nape of her neck, as tight as the expression habitually worn on her lovely face. Wire rimmed glasses perched on her small nose, obscured flashes of emotion in those beautiful eyes. Except when it came to outrage. Then her eyes snapped, her spine stiffened, her chin raised, and she peered disdainfully at the offender.

Lil was like a badger when it came to proving her point and winning an argument. Her mother liked to say Lil was born arguing. What her father liked to say was more colorful and filled with disappointment. His only child compounded being born female, by having a mind of her own. Once Lil made a decision, she planted her feet firmly on the chosen path, and didn’t step off until her goal was accomplished.

Men found her unnerving. Lil Wentfield wouldn’t be any man’s ‘little woman’, her place in the home, serving her husband, and mothering children. She was unsettling; not material necessary for being the calming homemaker and acquiescent wife needed to soothe and support a man as he went about his business.


A loud knock broke into her thoughts. “Come in,” she called out.

Nothing happened, then another knock. “Please, come in,” she called again.

Getting no response, Lil came around her desk and, with some irritation at the interruption, jerked open the door, nearly toppling the tall man who held the doorknob on the other side. He muttered something under his breath, and tried to regain his balance only to bump into Lil, throwing her off stride. She stumbled backwards and would have fallen if not for the man’s quick reaction. He grabbed Lil and, wrapping both arms around, pulled her to him. Then, in a parody of the two-step, he danced her to safety.

Lil felt herself falling, then rescued by two strong arms. Not only was she pulled up short, but she was wrapped tightly against a rock hard chest, her nose buried in the man’s damp shirt. A very pleasant smell greeted her nose. The scent of summer rain and witch hazel. She found the masculine odor intoxicating.
Neither moved. Then Lil raised her head and looked into a pair of dancing gray eyes. His arms never relaxed their grip; in fact, they seemed to tighten around her as his mouth twitched, then broke into a smile.

“Didn’t expect to end up with a beautiful woman in my arms. For a moment there, I expected to land on the rug, Ma’am. With you alongside me,” he added with a chuckle.

He loosened his grip and gently pushed her away from the warmth and safety of his chest. Lil stepped back, feeling as though she’d just had something precious taken from her. She realized her hands still gripped his arms. Like a hot potato, she dropped them and turned away from the man’s disturbing presence. Like a fox heading for her den, Lil scurried behind her desk and gratefully lowered her trembling body onto the waiting chair.

With the desk between them, she was once again in charge. “May I help you?” she asked coolly, hoping the tremble in her voice went unnoticed. “I called come in not once but twice.”

“Sorry, Ma’am. Guess I didn’t hear you. I was just fixing to open the door when you did just that. Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Lil answered with no desire to elaborate. “I—I appreciate you catching me. Now,” she hurried away from that topic, “to repeat myself, how may I help you?”

He smiled, as if knowing her thoughts. Walking over to the desk, he removed his hat and stood with it in his hands. “I apologize for dripping on your floor, but it’s raining like hel—, uh, like heck out there.”
Lil tried not to look at how the ends of his eyes crinkled when he smiled. She focused instead on his hair, black and shiny with rain drops glistening on the wavy strands not covered by his hat. She didn’t realize she was staring at him until he shifted from foot to foot.
“Yes,” Lil answered, pulling herself back to reality.
“What I’m here for is to see L.M. Wentfield, Attorney At Law.” He pointed at the window, in the direction of the sign.
Lil nodded. “Yes,” she said again. At this rate, he’d think she only had a one word vocabulary.
The man tilted his head to one side. “Could you direct me to L. M. Wentfield, Ma’am?”
“Of course I can. How may I help you?”
Two small furrows appeared between the man’s eyes. He peered closer at her. Perhaps he needed to try another approach.
“Ma’am, could I speak with your husband?”
“There is no husband,” Lil said with a hint of asperity.

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The Book That Hooked You: Q and A with Shana Galen (historical romance author)

Shana Galen

Shana Galen

We’re beginning a great new on-going series here at the Lachesis Publishing Daily Blog. The Book That Hooked You features Q and As with authors, reflecting on the books that first made them fall in love with the genre they write, along with exploring other books and authors they love, as well as telling us about their own work. Today we feature the talented Shana Galen. Shana writes historical romance set in the Regency era. Her books are fan favourites for many readers. Welcome Shana . . . 

Velvet-PromiseTake us back to when you first discovered romance novels. How old were you? And what was the first book that hooked you? Why? How many times have you read that book?

SG: I came to romance novels a little later. I read my first romance as a sophomore in college, and it was The Velvet Promise by Jude Devereaux. I loved the interaction between the hero and heroine—the sexual tension, the repartee, the romance of falling in love. I only read that book once because I was so busy buying more and devouring them. I remember that as soon as I read The Velvet Promise I had the feeling that I’d found what I was looking for. I knew I could write a romance—not in an anyone-can-do-that way, but in a this-is-my-calling way.

List three qualities that make a “keeper” romance novel.

Wouldn't you love to hang out with Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett for a while?

Wouldn’t you love to hang out with Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett for a while?

SG: The hero is swoony-worthy, I want to move to the setting, the characters become like friends.

Tell us about the kind of romance you write and why you love to write it.

SG: I write historical romance with a lot of action and adventure. I love it because it’s an escape from the everyday. I get to leave this world and go to a place with no cell phones, no TV, and beautiful dresses. Of course, there’s no running water, either, but I try not to think about that! I’ve always loved the past. There’s romance in gloves and hats, manners and introductions. I enjoy writing stories that use those strictures as a foundation and as a springboard.

rogue-you-know-200Tangled_posterWhat is one of your favourite Shana Galen books and why?

SG: The one I just released is definitely one of my favorites. The Rogue You Know is based on the Disney movie Tangled. I love that movie and the hero Flynn Rider. I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to write a book with a Flynn hero and a story was as fun as that movie.

What is your process before you sit down and write?

SG: Um, I get a cup of coffee? I don’t plot or brainstorm, so I just sit down and see what happens when I start typing.

e38c59_c721043f6d7847ebbeca49f032011384.jpg_srz_p_228_328_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Tell us about a book you’ve read recently (past year) that you absolutely love – and why.

SG: I adored, and I mean adored, the entire Until the End of the World series by Sarah Lyons Fleming. If I had more time, I would stalk her. It was such a tense, gripping story but funny too. The characters have really stayed with me. I think about them often and wonder what they’re up to. Every single book in the series was good too. Sometimes in a series the first book is great but the second book or last book is a letdown. All of these books were top-notch.

FastTrack-cvr-thumb0062106090-199x322roguespycoveramazonName three of your all-time favourite romance authors and why.

SG: Julie Garwood—her heroines are so funny and sweet and she knows how to hook a reader

Susan Elizabeth Phillips—her books are so funny

Joanna Bourne—I love her storytelling

What is the sweetest/coolest thing a reader has said to you?

SG: Recently a reader told me she was having a rough time and one of my books made her laugh and forget her troubles for a little while. That’s the reason I write.

xmas-duke-street-200Tell us about your latest release and what you have coming down the road.

SG: My latest release is The Rogue You Know, and it’s about a thief from the slums of London who wants to get out and start a new life for himself. In the process, he accidentally involves the daughter of an earl, and the two go on a crazy adventure and, of course, fall in love.

Coming soon (Oct. 15)  is the anthology  – Christmas in Duke Street. It features heartwarming holiday stories by Shana Galen, Grace Burrows, Miranda Neville, Carolyn Jewel.

Could cookies 'n cream popcorn be the ultimate snack for Shana Galen?

Could cookies ‘n cream popcorn be the ultimate snack for Shana Galen?

Sweet tooth or salty snack lover? What do you love to nosh on when writing?

SG: Sweet tooth! I love cookies. I like to eat popcorn when I’m writing because it’s bite-sized.

Connect with Shana Galen on her website, facebook, twitter, and via the group blog Jaunty Quills.

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What inspires your writing by Beverly Adam (historical romance author – Regency romance)

Lady and the Captain 200x300Our guest blogger today is Beverly Adam. Beverly writes Regency historical romances for Lachesis Publishing. And her books always have a good dose of humour. Her Gentlemen of Honor series follows three wonderful heroes and heroines in Ireland. Book 1 is The Spinster and The Earl, Book 2 (newly released) is The Lady and The Captain. Book 3 The Widow and The Rogue will be out soon.

Here’s Beverly . . .

When I was a little girl I used to go up into my grandmother’s attic and look at old dress patterns, picturing the fabric and embellishments used to make the garments as if they were already sewn, imagining the tea gown with the handkerchief hemline being worn with a wide brimmed hat. The lady, wearing the peach colored tea gown, for that’s what I’ve decided the color of the fabric of the gown should be, is greeted by friends when stepping down from the wide porch of a clapboard New England house. A garden party is taking place on the lawn below and guests are drinking homemade lemonade and playing croquet. A young man with slicked back hair, wearing a Gatsby type linen suit with a straw bowler sees her for the first time from his canary yellow roadster.  He exits the car with a slight limp, an old injury causing him to grimace in pain from the first World War, and greets her, dialogue ensues, facial gestures and intonation are added and an intimate joke shared.

Not much has changed since my early childhood adventures up in grandma’s attic. I am still inspired by objects, pictures, and events of the past. When I set my imagination into motion I fill in what I think my five senses would see and feel when writing.  Upon looking at a picture of a Regency wedding gown online I imagine the soft silk and lace of the garment, feel the ribbons running smoothly through my fingers, the threads used to stitch it together, the chatter of the women finishing the gown, everything becomes a tactile moment, inspiring me. The body may be tightened by laces in the back, the inset stays digging into the flesh, remembering similar moments in my own life when my body was constrained or released.

My imagination is stirred by remembered emotions. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking for me to include the movements of the body as the wearer of the garment feels a stitch in her side from too much dancing, I had done that myself, or imagine the conversations taking place as someone deeply murmurs, “You look more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined . . . ” as the heroine takes off the delicate fabric, which tears a little later when the hero eagerly tries to undress her.  The story unfolds into a love scene where feeling and emotions take over, a romantic moment is played out onboard a ship deck, the ballroom or bedroom, written out as if I, the writer, were watching a movie in my mind, except more intimately, as if I were living the emotions myself, and putting it into the story to share with the reader.  Yes, inspiration for my writing comes from all types of experiences, some lived and some daydreamed, into a tale I play out in my thoughts and share with my readers, which I hope they will enjoy.

Connect with Beverly Adam online on her blog and on facebook and on goodreads.

Follow Lachesis Publishing on twitter and like our facebook page.


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Tuesday’s Revolving Book is the beautiful memoir PARIS IN LOVE by New York Times best selling author Eloisa James

PUBLISHER: Random House


AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/8lw23hm
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/9x9kt6w
Barnes and Noble: http://tinyurl.com/9a7t99w
Posman Books: http://tinyurl.com/9gwslhe
Word Brooklyn: http://tinyurl.com/9yg4ptl (for copies signed by Eloisa James)
Books-A-Million: http://tinyurl.com/93gf4su
Indiebound: http://tinyurl.com/8sfl9db
Random House: http://tinyurl.com/9u47jv5


AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/96cd52q
Random House: http://tinyurl.com/99aef4c


In 2009, New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James took a leap that many people dream about: she sold her house, took a sabbatical from her job as a Shakespeare professor, and moved her family to Paris. “Paris in Love: A Memoir” chronicles her joyful year in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

With no classes to teach, no committee meetings to attend, no lawn to mow or cars to park, Eloisa revels in the ordinary pleasures of life—discovering corner museums that tourists overlook, chronicling Frenchwomen’s sartorial triumphs, walking from one end of Paris to another. She copes with her Italian husband’s notions of quality time; her two hilarious children, ages eleven and fifteen, as they navigate schools—not to mention puberty—in a foreign language; and her mother-in-law Marina’s raised eyebrow in the kitchen (even as Marina overfeeds Milo, the family dog).

“Paris in Love” invites the reader into the life of a most enchanting family, framed by la ville de l’amour.






“After fighting cancer, James took a sabbatical from her university job as a professor and Shakespeare scholar to spend a year in Paris with her husband and two kids. In this delightful charm-bracelet of a memoir, James, also the author of 20 romance novels, offers quirky, often laugh-out-loud funny snapshots of her adventures as an American suddenly immersed in all things French-food, clothes, joie de vivre. Her portrait of her family is equally lighthearted, and her reference guide is indispensable.” – People Magazine, 4 of 4 stars

“Eloisa James’ enchanting memoir about living in France for a year features a funny fat Chihuahua named Milo, enormous chunks of dark delicious chocolate, American and French culture-clashing, and, of course, the envy-inducing éclat of elegant French females… Written like a spool of lovely prose haiku, Paris in Love gives the reader a sense of being immersed along with James in Paris for the year rather than reading her memories. As if in real time, you see the rain, taste the food, observe the people…In the end, Paris in Love isn’t about going abroad, it’s about making the most of the time we’re given in life. This would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift.” – USA Today

“Paris in Love: A Memoir is a series of charming outtakes…including [Eloisa’s] children’s initial struggles and later triumphs in school, as well as her own increasingly bold forays into French-ness, from food and flea markets to embracing her femininity—where better than Paris to rediscover the pleasures of lingerie, post-mastectomy (and reconstructive surgery)? Along the way, James savors the moments of dissonance and satisfaction that come from the shared adventure of figuring out life in another country.” – Vogue.

“Written with a dry sense of wit and an elegant sense of style, James’ literary love letter to the City of Light is inspiring and insightful.” – Chicago Tribune

“[James’s] online musings on food, fashion, and family became the basis for this chronicle of an unforgettable year in Paris, where, without the constant claims of academic life and the rigorous demands of the publishing treadmill, James rediscovered the simple pleasures of life. Her chic, charming, and completely captivating memoir of a healing year in the City of Light is bound to inspire readers to dream of setting off on their own escapes.” – Bookscan

“What a beautiful and delightful tasting menu of a book: the kids, the plump little dog, the Italian husband. Reading this memoir was like wandering through a Parisian patisserie in a dream.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love


New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa’s very first book that she “found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar”; later People Magazine raved that “romance writing does not get much better than this.” Her novels have repeatedly received starred reviews from Publishers’ Weekly and Library Journal and regularly appear on the best-seller lists.

After graduating from Harvard University, Eloisa got an M.Phil. from Oxford University, a Ph.D. from Yale and eventually became a Shakespeare professor, publishing an academic book with Oxford University Press. Currently she is an associate professor and head of the Creative Writing program at Fordham University in New York City. Her “double life” is a source of fascination to the media and her readers. In her professorial guise, she’s written a New York Times op-ed defending romance, as well as articles published everywhere from women’s magazines such as More to writers’ journals such as the Romance Writers’ Report.


FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/EloisaJamesFans

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/eloisajames

PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/eloisajames/


BARNES AND NOBLE REVIEW: http://tinyurl.com/cda3q9x


Join Eloisa’s Ambassadors to help spread the word about new releases. Ambassadors have their own special contests and swag! You can sign up here: http://on.fb.me/R0caoA

Australia: August 17, 2012
Booksigning, hosted by the Australian Romance Writers of America
4:30-6:00 PM
QT Gold Coast Hotel
7 Staghorn Avenue
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

New Zealand: August 24 – 26, 2012
Reading and Booksigning
Time TBD
Crowne Plaza Hotel,
Auckland, NZ

St. Louis, Missouri: Sept. 4, 2012
Author Visit

St. Louis Public Library http://eloisajames.com/www.ttpbooks.com
1640 S. Lindbergh Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63124

Okemos, Michigan: Sept. 5, 2012
Booksigning and Talk
7:00 PM
Schuler Books and Music http://eloisajames.com/www.ttpbooks.com
1982 Grand River Ave
Okemos, MI 48864

Frankfort, Illinois: Sept. 6, 2012
Booksigning and Talk
7:00 PM
Frankfort Public Library <http://eloisajames.com/www.ttpbooks.com>
21119 S. Pfeiffer Road
Frankfort, IL 60423
Seating is limited. Please reserve online: http://frankfortlibrary.org/calendar

Edina, Minnesota: Sept. 8, 2012
Booksigning and Talk
2:00 PM
Barnes and Noble <http://eloisajames.com/www.ttpbooks.com>
3225 W. 69th St.
Edina, MN 55435

Boonsboro, Maryland: Sept. 15, 2012
Booksigning with Nora Roberts!
12:00 – 2:00 PM
Turn the Page Bookstore http://eloisajames.com/www.ttpbooks.com
18 North Main Street
Boonsboro, Maryland 21713
info@ttpbooks.com https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&amp%3Bfs=1&amp%3Btf=1&amp%3Bto=info%40ttpbooks.com

Washington, D.C.: September 23 or 24 (details to come!)
Library of Congress National Book Fair: Talk & signing
I’ve never been to the National Book Fair—and I can’t wait! I gather the book fair takes place under a series of big tents on the Mall in Washington. I’m giving a talk, so please come along and find my tent.

Dallas: November 9, 2012
Readers and ‘Ritas
Friday, November 9, 2012
This is a fun celebration of romance and reading, held in a small hotel outside Dallas. Come hang out with me for the weekend! Tickets are available here: http://readers-n-ritas.org/blog/

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